The Tiny Village of Fullness of Joy Fellowship

Fullness of Joy Fellowship's , Tiny Village is a collection of Micro Dwellings specifically created and sustained for the low-income population The basic structure of most shelters is simply a large room filled with beds(or cots).At The Tiny Village each resident will take part in building there own tiny home, (between 80 &1,000 square feet) and will have the option of living alone or with roommates. There is no time limit to finish the program. These small gestures towards the individual's autonomy will build self worth and structure independence which is the main component each resident will need to move forward, positively.

The Collaborative Approach to Empowering Individuals.

The main elements of the program are:

Personal development planning.

Vocational development.(as well as Myers Briggs Testing)

Substance abuse prevention.(Accountability, Classes Courses and testing)

Interpersonal skill development. (relating to relationships or communication between people:)

Spiritual development.(In-depth Study and Outreach)

Community involvement.(Volunteer and engage within the community)

Creative leisure activities/celebration.

Independent living preparation/follow up.

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